Stay Warm With Thermal Insulation

Thermal Insulation,to stay away from the cold you need to wear a sweater or wore a blanket to get warm. But, do you know how the sweater or a jacket gives you the warmth. To know the answer you can look at this activity which can help you to stay warm in the cold.


To make a cup of coffee you have to use energy from gas or electricity. This means that heat is a form of energy that flows from one object to the other when they are in contact. When both the objects get equally heated the flow or transfer stopped. They are three ways you can see of transferring heat from one object to the other like convection, conduction, and radiation.

The process of transferring heat via liquids or gases is known as a convention. When energy flows through a solid substance to another is called conduction, and the last one is radiation, which you can feel the heat by sitting around a campfire without having contact with the fire.

Thermal Insulation

If you want to have a hot cup of coffee on travel, you have to carry a thermal waterproof flask to keep it hot because the thermal insulation creates a barrier to reduce the heat transfer from the hot object to the colder one.

Stay Warm With Thermal Insulation
Stay Warm With Thermal Insulation

Thermal insulation varies with the materials used in insulations like a good heat conductor will have a low insulating capacity comparing to the low heat conductor.

Here you can conduct a test with the help of a glass of hot water to know which materials make good or bad thermal insulators.


      Five glass jars with lids

         Aluminum foil



         Wool clothes

        Bubble wrap

       Hot water




       Pad for writing



Stay Warm With Thermal Insulation
Stay Warm With Thermal Insulation

How To Make Thermal Insulation?

Take the scissors and cut the aluminum foil, paper, and the bubble wrap in a length to fit three times around the slides of the glass jar. Take a jar and wrap the aluminum foil three times around the sides and attach it with tape.

Take another glass jar and wrap the bubble wrap around three times alike the aluminum foil. Take the third glass jar and wrap it three layers with the paper and fix it with the tape.

Wrap the fourth glass jar with the wool clothes as you did with the other jars. Now leave the last jar without wrapping and see the results of the test.

Fill all the jars with hot water and close the lids after measuring the temperatures with the thermometer. Write down the temperature of each jar and place them inside the fridge after measuring the temperature of the fridge.

Set the timer and let the jars cool for ten minutes in the fridge. After ten minutes take out all the jars from the fridge and measure the temperature of the water and write it down. Now compare the temperature of the jars with the temperature before placing them inside the fridge.

Stay Warm With Thermal Insulation
Stay Warm With Thermal Insulation


You will see that the glass jar wrapped with bubble wrap is a good reducer of heat loss compared with the other jars. Though we know that air can transmit heat through convection, but the air pocket inside the materials restricts the heat flow from one pocket to another and helps to keep the glass jar warm.

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