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A Travel List For All Hikers Out There

A Travel List For All Hikers Out There
A Travel List For All Hikers Out There

Every hiker worth his or her salt will make a list of items that are deemed as essentials. A travel list is a must for every adventure. Hiking, as a sport has gained tremendous popularity over the last few decades. With the advent of technology, hiking gears have undergone a sea of change. They have become a more lightweight and durable, fire-resistant as well as weather resistant. They tend to wear and tear less over brutal walks and usually provide all-round protection to its users.

However, in spite of that, it always pertinent to plan before undertaking a hike. Let us look at what all the aspects that need to be looked into before embarking on a hike into the wilderness.


Like it or not, if your body is not ready, no amount of soul searching will help. You have to get up and start thinking seriously about your fitness. Hikes include a hell lot of walking over insanely long distances. And they are not really walking in the park. The wilderness is unforgiving and the path not plain. There will be a lot of climbs, crawling and jumping across cracks and crevices. Your knee is going to be battered if it is not used to strength training. The stamina to needs to be looked into. You cannot rest every half an hour and expect to make it back in time. Neither would it be appreciated by your team. Remember, you are in the middle of nowhere. Your greatest protection against challenges out here is you yourself. And if that fails, the hike is surely not going to see much success.


Now that we know the limits of our mind and body, let’s look at the geography.  Terrain knowledge is important because that will decide what all you would be carrying. The starting point and the endpoint has to be decided. Is it a day hike or longer one will decide the weight of the backpack you would be carrying. Also, the weather plays a large. Winters will warrant warm clothing, while dry and arid, light and breathable. Windy or rainy will ask for jumpers and water-resistant cheaters. Once, the distance has been calculated can then we go ahead and time the hike and make emergency plans.

Travel Light Or Right

If it is a day hike, then traveling light is advisable. However, if it is a long one then what you carry goes a long way in making the hike a great success. Tents, stoves, water bottles, and food have been great additions to any list. Taking chances in long hikes is not at all advisable nor appreciated.

A Travel List For All Hikers Out There
A Travel List For All Hikers Out There

The Emergency Kit

You and your team will be in the wilderness all among themselves. And the path will usually be far away from civilization. So there need to be backups, in case of challenges arise. Torches with batteries, water purification tablets, medicines and preferably a Swiss knife are essentials that need to travel with you.

Prevention is better than cure and how apt it is when it comes to hiking. This concludes our hiker’s travel list, the essentials for traveling right.

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